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Factors that may impact the pay rate
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There are several factors you should expect to impact the rate of pay. Once you've figured out the basic pay rate, see the following information to help you adjust the rate as needed.

Amount of childcare

  • Do you need a carer full time, part time, or just for occasional help?
  • If it's part-time, is it for the same days and times each week?
  • Is the job during the week, on weekends or some of each?

Geographical location

  • Major metropolitan areas tend to have higher babysitting rates than rural areas.
  • Towns can also have a much higher babysitting rate than rural areas, especially if they serve a large commuter population and are close to a major city.

Number of children being cared for

  • Keeping an eye on 1 child is very different from watching 2 or 3 or more children. Pay should reflect this. Your babysitter needs to control a larger group, deal with children interacting with each other, and be more aware of group dynamics than if she's watching 1 child.

Additional responsibilities

  • Many babysitters are happy to help with household jobs, as long as it doesn't interfere with their caregiving.
  • Asking your babysitter to help with the laundry or to pick up groceries are examples of tasks that will definitely require extra pay. Expect to pay at least another £2-3 per hour in addition to the basic rate.
  • Basic tidying up and getting the children a snack are usually included in your basic rate - just ensure your babysitter knows what your expectations are.


  • Is your babysitter required to drive all over town for extra-lessons or play dates? Is she using your car or hers?
  • If she's using her car, you'll want to offer extra compensation for the fuel she uses whilst driving the children. Be sure you provide her with petrol money if she's using your car and it needs filling up. Some families offer their babysitter mileage compensation if she's commuting a long distance.

Years of experience

  • Experienced babysitters get paid more than those with less experience. Paying more for experience can get you a sitter who can better meet your child care needs--and give you peace of mind too.

Special qualifications

  • If you have a newborn or twins (or triplets!), you'll want a babysitter that has specific experience to match your needs. Expect to pay more per hour than the basic rate in your local area. It's worth it.